Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Beautiful Israeli Women

A set of photos that will surely make guys happy - the photos of girls, of course.

Here you'll see different girls from Israel. Another thing they have in common is that they are all very pretty.

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cfdfire said...

Someone needs a hug ^^^^^
Seek therapy quick !!!!

Anonymous said...

Not all Israeli/ Jews are bad. The bad ones are Zionist.

Anonymous said...

They are hot !

Anonymous said...

I am a very fair skinned Jewish American of Russian and German descent. I think European Jews have absolutely no claim to that land. The Bible is obviously fiction. The only Europeans who ever lived there were Crusaders back in the Middle Ages. They should have established a Jewish state outside of the Middle East. The French and British double crossed the Arabians after World War I and totally screwed up the entire region.

Leadbelly said...

Wow! those are some sexy infidels.

Anonymous said...


Not the pictures, just the antisemitic scumbags in here who actually think they are fooling us into thinking that they just hate Israel, when in reality they'd love to finish what Hitler started.

Zionism is love. Love Zion!

Wooden Spiral Staircase said...

more like insecure homely girls in skimpy outfits desperate for attention. a girl's gotta be all sorts of pathetic to seek approval from these shut in virgins. get some self esteem, ladies.

Anonymous said...

Finally, some beautiful girls on this website!!! Yes, they are pretty!!

A great change of pace from your other threads where everyone is UGLY, like "the girls of ebay" and another thread on a bunch of mugshots.

Anonymous said...

lovely, lovely ladies of the desert and the beach. These young ladies deserve a world of love and peace.

Anonymous said...

Israel is good !!!
I love Israel.

Or Fux said...


I am Israeli, I know, some of them aren't even beautiful in Israeli standards.

you probably are either not used to the Israeli look and everything seems exotic to you, or you have different defenitions for beauty, (judging not by this post only)

Richard Manns said...

Just to inform, but the word 'Zionist' means that you support a nation and homeland for Jews. Now that Israel exists, if you're NOT Zionist, you're effectively proposing invasion of a sovereign, democratic nation-state and forced displacement of Israelis, i.e. a genocidal war.

I appreciate that it's fashionable to say 'Zionism is bad', and I doubt that most have genocidal intent, but look up a word before you use it, people!

Anonymous said...

That place had always been identified as a hotbed of corruption and anyone who is NOT a TRUE BELIEVER who occupies that place will never taste FREEDOM EVER because that place is for the TRUE BELIEVERS, whether they are Christians, Jews or Muslims.

The Holy Land is for the TRUE SPIRITED PEOPLE who truely BELIEVE IN ONE GOD.

Harry Drums said...

Why don't you read a true and acturate historical book of real history. Get away from your brain washed. Info. THE Bible is true and factual as well as the origional Old Testiment, (Genesis to Malachi ) the true land boundries are stated within these writings, and it is alot more than what they have now. And they will have all that Yahweh has promised.

Magdy Ibram said...

Beautiful, sexy & sweet.So tempting &
most desirable.Best wishes with lots
of kisses & hugs.

Magdy Ibram said...

Most seductive & so irresistible .
I trust that any lusty man (like me)
would completely surrender to their
super beauty&Tu their charming smiles.
My very best wishes for more fun & pleasure with lots of kisses & hugs.

Eric Bernadyn said...

The Israeli people belong in Israel it is theirs...They were generious enough after the war to divide Jerusalem...Some people in life are full of hate no matter what and this is the problem with so many goverments today... When David was King all the northern countries belonged to Israel as who is one who's land..
Eric Bernadyn Belair,Md.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it strange that all of a sudden in the center of the large Arab region, a nation of different religion other than Islam, was born suddenly?

Hitler was bad and so is the modern Israel. It's not about Judaism, it's about the mass killing.

Just remember, what comes around, that goes around around too.

You have broken a nation in 2 parts, don't have the guts to recognize a fairly elected government.

It's all sins and I can feel the time is not too far when the turn in the game will be on the hands of the good guyz.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. It is very important to know what words mean beforehand otherwise the person becomes a rabble rouser.

Anonymous said...

All sweet beautiful woman! Thanks god for created them! So why need to turn the pleasure of looking them into a political or religious debate? My only complain is, they are a bit over dressed! Girls you got my heart regardless of race or religion! You are all very lovable!Thank You!

trthmster said...

I just sprayed mayo on my moniter. Those jew broads are fine, and most of them have heavy, natural breasts, because god wants abundance for his people.

Hans Schwarz said...

Israel base on the UNO Resulution (1948). Zionism means that Jews can have their own state. Arab Liga said the same (peace initiative 2006). Israel does not do mass killin! Israel protect himself like every normal country in the world! A lot parts of Bible are historical facts-you can see this in the books of Josephus Flavius!

Allie West said...

"Jew Broads"? What are you from a 1950's film or in the Mafia? I don't think I've a heard someone call a woman a broad (and be serious about it) since the Nixon administration. And even then it was considered impolite.

Hey Buddy, take a powder and watch out for 'dem' guys wid da concrete galoshes. LOL!