Friday, October 01, 2010

What Can Be Made Out of Old Macs

Real Apple fans cannot just throw away their favorite old Macs. Thus they get creative and inspired with their beloved possessions they make stylish, unusual and unique Mac Mods. Maybe this post will give you an idea on how you can use your old Mac as well.

G4 Motorbike

G3 Beer Server

NecroMac mod

G4 iClock Mods

Mac Toilet Paper Dispensers

OS Xbox Pro

G4 Mac Fish Tank

Millennium Falcon mod

Steampunk Mac Mini Mod

G4 Mailbox

Mac Classic Mini

G4 Mac Mini Cube Mod

MSI Macbook Mini

Classic Mac Art

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Amanda Nicolodi said...

I have no money to buy a Mac, never mind make him an object.
HAHAHA But nice idea.