Thursday, November 25, 2010

10 Most Beautiful Castles In The World

This post is a collection of beautiful castles in different regions of world.We collected these wallpapers from different sources on web

Frederiksborg Castle Hillerod Denmark

Wolfsegg Castle Bavaria Germany

Kremlin Castle Moskow

Kilchurn Castle Loch Awe Scotland

Karlstein Castle Czech Republic

Hohenwerfen Castle Austria

Hohenschwangau Castle Bavaria Germany

Harlech Castle Gwynedd Wales United Kingdom

Hagenau Castle Austria

Fayrac Manor Beynac France

Eilean Donan Castle Loch Duich Scotland
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Phil said...

beautiful castles! I'd really love to see castles in personal 'coz I only see them in movies. Hoping that someday, I can experience the feeling of being in a castle.

Anonymous said...

Leaving Neuschwanstein out seems really wrong to me, especially if you're including Hohenschwangau.

And there are castles outside Europe, too.

Some of these truly are beautiful, though.

Anonymous said...

Neuschwanstein is just opposite Hochenschwangau, why was it left out?

Schloss Drachenburg in Koenigswinter is a small but excellent castle too.

Anonymous said...

the Kremlin is not a castle, it's a group of buildings surrounded by a wall. d'oh!

Anonymous said...

What about this castle in Croatia?

Anonymous said...

what about the Alcazar of Segovia, at Spain?