Thursday, November 04, 2010

40 Celebrities Who Are Republicans

40 celebrities who are Republicans according to the Federal Election Commission, or known conservatives.

1. Drew Carey

2. Don King

3. Adam Sandler

4. Ben Stein

5. Bo Derek

6. Dean Cain

7. Gloria Estefan

8. Heather Locklear

9. Rick Schroder

10. James Earl Jones

11. Karl Malone

12. LL Cool J

13. Nick Lachey

14. Patricia Heaton

15. Pat Sajak

16. Rachel Hunter

17. Robert Duvall

18. The Rock

19. Sammy Hagar

20. Sarah Michelle Gellar

21. Scott Baio

22. 50 Cent

23. Alice Cooper

24. Mary Lou Retton

25. Jon Voight

26. Jessica Simpson

27. Shannen Doherty

28. Stephen Baldwin

29. Susan Lucci

30. Sylvester Stallone

31. Meat Loaf

32. Tom Selleck

33. Tony Danza

34. Wayne Newton

35. Bruce Willis

36. Johnny Ramone

37. Chuck Norris

38. Kelsey Grammer

39. Clint Eastwood

40. Mel Gibson
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ttv said...

perhaps these people are so cool..

Anonymous said...

not surprised.....

Anonymous said...

Pfff. I was about to say "disillusioned" but I find I really don't care. As long as they try to be as good as they can I'm happy for them :D

Anonymous said...

I am by no way a huge fan of the republicans but what's the point of this article? Why is it so important that we are labeled republicans or democrats or otherwise? Are you going to avoid movies or other venues by these people now? Honestly, who the hell cares. If you do care, you're a racist. I don't like to use that word, but this is an example where it would apply.

Anonymous said...

It matters because "coming out" as Republican in the TV industry is like "coming out" as gay. And I applaud whenever either happens!

coulrophobic agnostic said...

I wish it DIDN'T matter. Why would anyone look to actors and athletes for guidance on political matters?? Shit, if I had as much money as these people I'd probably be much more conservative as well.

I reserve the right to think that Ben Stein is a moron though. Anyone who buys the argument that "intelligent design is true because scientists have not yet discovered what created the universe" is an idiot, regardless of what political party they belong to. Believe what you want, obviously it doesn't matter, but I find that reasoning to be stupid.

Anonymous said...

you are correct...your reasoning is stupid

Anonymous said...

50 cent is a republican. Thats awesome.I am a proud Reagan Conservative WE DONT hide like liberals.