Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pet Anteater

Meet Pua, the pet anteater. These are absolutely adorable photos. Apparently Pua likes playing dress up, car rides, and Cheese Whiz. In addition to being a unique pet, he can also walk upright. Whoda thunk it?

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elaine said...

I think this is terrible! Anteaters should not be fed all that crap - cheese? beer? wine? For God's sake!! Is it legal to pet an anteater? As far as I know, they are wild species and require protection -- at least, in my country.

Roman Jeremie said...

I completely agree with the last comment ++
Anteaters are wild animals and should be treaded with respect and protection.

coulrophobic agnostic said...

She, actually, Pua is a female. And her owner is an absolute delight. I've had the pleasure of meeting her on occasion and I assure you, this domestically-bred tamandua is well cared for. They are legal pets.

And no, she doesn't live on cheese in a can. Her owner grinds up piles upon piles of bugs and worms and nutritional supplements daily. You should see the pictures of what Pua eats. It's revolting, but it's the recommended diet for a domestic anteater. The pictures here are selected for the "humor" involved, not representative of her usual diet. It's the equivalent of sneaking a dog a bite of table food now and then.

And just to reiterate, Pua is a 100% legal (and utterly pampered) citizen!

Anonymous said...

you people are ridiculous. dogs and cats were once wild animals as well, or did you think they were somehow born into domestic living? go whine and complain somewhere else.

I think this is wonderful!

Kari Estrada said...

Now I know what I want for X-mas!