Monday, December 06, 2010

TSA Sexy Maneuvers

Cleavage karate chop, two-handed testicle twister and other sexy TSA maneuvers.

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Anonymous said...

You know folks, they are only doing this ridiculous shit in America. Not in the rest of the world.

TSA GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR ASS! Patting down Grandma's and women wearing SKIN tight jeans? Come-on now. Where the hell would the girl with the skinny-leg jeans be hiding a gun?

There are so many more easier ways to sneak contraband weapons onto a plane. You could just as easily hide a sharp rod within the handle of your luggage and it would NEVER be seen by the scanners.

TSA and airport security in the US is the biggest smoke and mirrors joke. What's next on the TSA plan? Full strip search? Naked flying? GMAFB!

Anonymous said...

I am just wondering what the TSA official thought of patting down a elderly nun!!!

Anonymous said...

its called tyranny. get used to it you stupid americans. your government is controlled by banks and corporations. what do you expect

Unknown said...

Whoever is calling this "sexy"has a fucked up notion of what sexy is....or perhaps they are just trying to make 21st century slavery to the Zionazi Mafia palatable.

America *used* to be the freest society on earth, a symbol of liberty for the entire world. Now, through racketeering, Prohibition and illegal wars you are a tarnished idol; degraded and corrupt.

sandy said...

the team TSA wont make a holidy 4 thr job!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...