Friday, January 14, 2011

Pizza Planet Truck In Pixar Films

Have you ever noticed that the pizza truck: Pizza Planet from the movie “Toy Story” is present in every one of Pixar films. The Incredibles makes an exception though.

While some are easy to see, others are more difficult. Take a look.

When the redneck mother is beating Randall with a shovel, the truck is on the far left side of the screen. This is the same motor home that appears in A Bug's Life.

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melga said...

I have never noticed that. :)

paulzinGB said...

I suspect it's a running gag with the animators at Pixar, you know, like the Wilhelm Scream! that one particular sound crew have used in something like 140 films so far.

Anonymous said...

pretty crazy monsters inc. and bugs life have the same trailer as well

Devon self catering said...

I appreciated toy cartoons like this 'cause it gives joy in everyone's heart especially to the young hearts