Saturday, February 26, 2011

25 Hilarious Anti-Abortion Billboards

When the anti-abortion television commercials were broadcast first in the spring of 1992, one editorial writer warned that a new era for national political advertising had begun. Since that time, pro-life candidates for federal elective offices have broadcast political commercials that contain pictures of abortion or late-term aborted fetuses.

While many people may think that the controversy surrounding abortion has been only a recent moral issue, abortion has always been a hot topic among even ancient societies. Abortion can be traced to as far back as the ancient Romans and Greeks who were actually great proponents of it; some of the most famous philosophers of the day actually wrote about it positively.

Here is a selection of interesting, sometimes ridiculous billboards and signs.

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Mephis said...

People are people are people. Maybe killin' 'em is funny, but I don't believe so.

You could go out into the street, shoot someone in the skull, smother an elderly person in their bed, stab your friend, or support the execution of a prisoner, or kill a baby.

They're all the same thing. That person is never coming back.

Human life is of little value to other humans, I wish it were otherwise.

Just don't pretend killing someone in the womb is any different than killing someone you've known for years.

If you've got what it takes to pull the trigger, or tell a doctor to, go for it. Just hope you've got what it takes to sleep at night without second thoughts or nightmares.

Best of luck with that.

John said...

Just one and only one thing on this, is inot a human being? It is.

Tim said...

Anti-abortion folks need to learn how to mind their own business. It's fine if you choose to be ignorant of scientific facts. It's fine if you want to believe in a magic space god. Just keep it to yourself!

Just because you believe crazy shit doesn't mean it's true or you have a right to force other people to believe it.

Anonymous said...


of course the unborn are human, their not a dog. there unborn humans and you can hear their heart beat 18 days after conception.


Your right people need to mind there own business, but abortion is not about privacy it's about protecting the innocent, when a woman has an abortion did she ask the baby if they wanted to die? they have there own DNA and you can hear their heart beat, there for their a separate human than the mother.

They can not protect them selfs, just like an old person in a home. How would you feel if one of your grand parents were mistreated and murdered in a home?

There are laws to punish murder's and they should apply to all who murder.

Why should a baby die for the irresponsibility of the mother?

Anonymous said...

The fetal heart develops at 5 weeks (35 days) gestation.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you find ridiculous about the abortion billboards.

Before you criticize pro-lifers remember that even NOW admits that the pro-life movement has logic and reason on its side.

Anonymous said...

An acorn is not an oak tree, and an embryo is not a person.

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah. I'm pro abortion, kill all the babies.