Thursday, March 10, 2011

Junrey Balawing Set to Become World's Smallest Man

Junrey Balawing of Philippines, who is just 22 inches high, is set to become the world's shortest man when he turns 18 in June.

The 17-year-old, who is tinier than a one-year-old, will take the title by smashing five inches off the current record.

Balawing has not grown since his first birthday, struggles to walk and cannot stand up for long, but he beams with pride when talking about his likely world record.

“If I were the smallest man in the world, it would be very cool,” the tabloid quoted Balawing, as saying.

The current titleholder is Nepal’s Khagendra Thapa Magar, who is 26.4 inches tall.

A Guinness World Records spokesman confirmed that they would be considering Balawing’s claim.

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cheatsden said...

yes...Junrey Balawing of Sindangan in the southern Philippines is 23.6 inches (60cm) tall . New world’s shortest man record certified in the Philippines....Have a look about old record holder Khagendra Thapa Magar . I think junrey is very expecting it will helpfull 2 him....