Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Meet Boo the Cutest Pomeranian Dog

I wanted to share Boo with everyone… A Pomeranian puppy who undoubtedly takes the cake as being the cutest puppy on the face of the planet.

What’s even more noteworthy is that Boo has almost one million friends on Facebook.

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Anonymous said...

What kind of a dog is this? And how did you get its fur so perfect and cute please let me know.

Unknown said...

Fortunately, because I've known for years that my dog has food allergies, his palette has not been given the chance to become snobby as he is on a very limited diet and always has been. He thinks a raw carrot or frozen green bean are among the greatest treats in the world. If my dog refuses to eat a new kibble, I know I can add things like chopped carrots (allergy tested and approved) to get him to eat it.

Anonymous said...

Boo is like a baby or a real live teddy bear. It's about the cutest dog I've seen in my life. I'd love to meet a live dog like that.

Unknown said...

Thank you for taking some time to write this post. If you’ve ever seen a Pomeranian, you wouldn’t believe that they are descended from large sled dogs. As members of the Spitz breed, they have very fox-like faces and thick soft fur. But beneath all of that cuteness is a dog who is extremely active, serves as a loyal companion animal, and excels wells in agility and obedience. See more