Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Back Home From War

Brian Eisch is a Staff Sergeant in the Army who has two sons, Joey and Isaac. Brian had to go to Afghanistan to fight in the war. Because the two boy’s mother isn’t around, when Brian deployed for a year the two boys left their home in upstate New York and went to live with their uncle in Wautoma, Wisconsin. Only having one parent, the two boys had to get used to a new school and a new environment while they were waiting for their father to return home safely.

Source: marcusyam
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Anonymous said...

And why the f*ck should the only parent of these two be sent to a conflict zone.
Remember your country really doesn't give a damn about you.

Holidays in Devon said...

being safe from war can't be compared to any success and happiness.

Casey1988 said...

Mr Anonymous;
It's not about "whether his country give a damn or not" It's all about if he gives a damn for his country. I know the average Joe like yourself will never be able to comprehend that, it's okay tho because you dont have to. But i do. Because i am a soldier. And like that brave man, i do what i do so my children dont have to.

kpe said...

Mr anonymous. It is terrible that you are so shallow minded that you have to put that crap on your comment!! I know Mr Eisch very well and he would do anything for his country... It's not about what the army made him do it's what he wanted to do for his country..

kpe822 said...

Amen Casey!!! I know Mr Eisch very well and this Anonymous should really meet him!!! Eisch would have a few words for Him!!!