Friday, April 29, 2011

Hollywood Celebrities First Film Roles

Ever wondered how all the huge Hollywood actors started? They obviously didn’t just show up on the greatest movies right away. That’s how it works, even for the big stars.

As one of today’s most popular actors Johnny Depp started his film career in the horror movie A Nightmare On Elm Street where he plays one of Freddy Krueger’s victims. Today we know him from all the great Hollywood movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland.

Tom Cruise
First role: “Risky Business” (film), 1983

Antonio Banderas
The first part: “Labyrinth of passions” (film), 1982

Johnny Depp
The first part: “A Nightmare on Elm Street” (film), 1984

Tom Hanks
First role: “He knows that you’re alone” (film), 1980

Jim Carrey
First role: “Earth Girls Are Easy” (film), 1989

Jackie Chan
The first part: “The Hand of Death (film), 1976

Robin Williams
First role: “Happy Days” (TV series), 1978

Matt Damon
First role: “Mystic Pizza” (film), 1988

Brad Pitt
First role: “Dallas” (TV series), 1987

Sean Connery
The first part: “Another time, another place” (film), 1958

Clint Eastwood
First role: “Revenge of the Creature” (film), 1953

Leonardo DiCaprio
The first part: “Parents” (TV series), 1990

Denzel Washington
First role: “Carbon copy” (film), 1981

Will Smith
The first part: “The Prince of Beverly Hills (TV series), 1990

Orlando Bloom
First role: “Wilde” (film), 1997

Harrison Ford
First role: “Deadly heat on a merry go round” (film), 1966

Sylvester Stallone
First role: “Italian Stallion”, 1970

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Mr. P said...

Tom Cruise was in several movies prior to Risky Business.

Wookie said...

Some of the pictures don't match up with the roles given.

Faisy said...

OMG, look at the Sylvester Stallone

kaybee said...

leonardo dicaprio was on Growing Pains, Parenthood is a newer show btw.

maki.ryan.canada! said...

Check your facts guys

topher said...

jim carey starred in Once Bitten before Earth Girls...

topher said...

this list is horrible. research.

Anonymous said...

wrong for Leonardo DiCaprio.
his first appearance was in Critters 3