Tuesday, April 12, 2011

World's Most Expensive Shotgun

The Swedish company VO Vapen, which manufactures an exclusive weapon. Today, the company produces the most luxurious hunting rifles that are made ​​entirely by hand. All products are very limited edition: the year is only a few guns. The price of this unique weapon is 820,000 dollars, making it the most expensive gun in the world. It is more expensive than a good home.

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Anonymous said...

Unless it's a 410 thats not a shotgun.

OJLS said...

That looks like a rifle to me.


"VO Vapen AB is a small family company founded 1977 by Mr Master Gunsmith Viggo Olsson. With a passion for hunting RIFLES and craftsmanship he wanted to realize his dream of building the worlds most exclusive hand made RIFLES for hunting and collection.

Anonymous said...

not a shotgun