Friday, May 27, 2011

20 Celebrities You Might Not Realize Are Asian

You know all these famous people. You’ve met them on stage, in movies and advertising campaigns. But would you ever think these celebrities are Asian?

1. Keanu Reeves

He's a quarter Hawaiian and a quarter Chinese.

2. Rob Schneider

He's a quarter Filipino.

3. Kristin Kreuk

(From Smallville) She's half Chinese.

4. The Rock

He's half Samoan.

5. Ne-yo

He's a quarter Chinese.

6. Mark-Paul Gosselaar

(Zack from Saved By The Bell) A quarter Indonesian.

7. Enrique Iglesias

Half Filipino.

8. Karen O

Singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. She was born in Seoul, Korea to a Polish father and Korean mother.

9. Sharon Leal

Half Filipino.

10. Eddie Van Halen

His Mother is Chinese-Malaysian and his father is Dutch.

11. Dean Cain

(Played Superman) A quarter Japanese.

12. Vanessa Hudgens

Her dad is of Irish and Native American ancestry, and her mom is of Filipino, Spanish and Chinese descent.

13. Chad Michael Murray

He's a quarter Japanese.

14. Nicole Scherzinger

(Pussycat Dolls) She was born to a Filipino father and a Hawaiian-Russian mother.

15. Kirk Hammett

(From Metallica) He's half Filipino.

16. Freddie Mercury

100% Parsi.

17. Bruno Mars

Half Filipino.

18. KT Tunstall

A quarter Chinese.

19. Norah Jones

Half Indian.

20. Naomi Campbell

Her paternal grandmother is Chinese.
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Christine said...

I did not know Enrique iglesias was half Filipino. That is very interesting!

mulyo said...

Eddie van Halen was half indonesian. His mother was half dutch and half indonesian

Anonymous said...

freddy mercury is not half asian,he's a full blooded indian from zanzibar!

Tyler Harimau said...

for mark paul gosselaar and the comment above about eddie van helan: Dutch-Indonesian does not mean that people are half Dutch and half Indonesian. It means they are Dutch(WHITE people) but they were born in Indonesia as it was a Dutch colony for hundreds of years. These people have no Asian blood in them, their white parents just happened to be born in an Asian country. Hardly makes them "Asian" celebrities

Anonymous said...

Yes Enrique Iglesia's mom is from Bestow Occidental Philippines

Anonymous said...

Does it actually matter if they are 100%, half, quarter, eight or 0,5% asian? It should be about their qualities and skills regarding their professions.(and not to forget their personality)
And for tyler harimau: Dutch-Indonesian does mean they are a mixture. The Dutch did colonise Indonesia. But didn't stayed WHITE as you call it. They definitely married Indonesians and got kids. My Dutch family tree goes way back into Indonesia and despite the Dutch surname I can't really call my grandmother white, instead she has a beautiful mocca colour :) But then again does it really matter?

mac said...

When u marry a filipina / filipino expect that your child would be blessed with talents and good looks!

Anonymous said...


Will you just shut up?! Geez, it’s just a bit of trivia. No one is judging anyone here, people are just interested in ethnic backgrounds. I’m interested in my ethnic backgrounds and the ethnic backgrounds of my friends – it’s something everyone is proud of and like talking about.

You may be of mixed heritage but you’re a 100% whiny idiot….. your ancestors must have the most irritating people on the planet to have genetically produced a super-race of whiny idiots like you

Anonymous said...

who wud've thought Ne-yo as quarter Asian?? woohoo not me!!

kendobsb said...

Samoa is in Oceania, not in Asia.
It's the same continent as Australia.

Akang Aden said...

Eddie van Halen is Dutch father and mother Eugenia. Eugenia van Halen was originally from Rangkas Bitung Indonesia. Watch Eddie and Alex interview in Youtube confirming that his mother is of Indonesian descent:

Anonymous said...

Um Samoan is not Asian people need to get that right just because lists say asian/pacific islander does not meana samoan's are asian so whoever said the rock was asian is seriously mistaken

crazyfig said...

just shut up and check it on Wikipedia...

Anonymous said...

Hes Filipino dumb shit

Anonymous said...

other sports/ celebs with filipino blood or lineage:



Anonymous said...

This page is ludicrous and wrong. How is a quarter japanese or half chinese asian? The fact is most people here are not asian but partly asian. 3/4 could be considered asian but half or quarter doesnt make him or her asian.
I'm technically half white european and half japanese and I'm more proud of my white heritage. If I was ever to be popular and seen as an asian and represented that way or form on websites like this will really infuriate me.

Anonymous said...

Not proud of your heritage?.. I feel sorry for you!

Anonymous said...

Samoa isn't even in Asia? Samoan isn't asian?? Samoan is polynesian, Samoa is one of the pacific islands in oceania. In australasia, the same continent as Australia and New Zealand? What uneducated shit wrote this?

Anonymous said...

Where is India?ASIA..;)

Anonymous said...

You are a Faggot..BUUUUUM..

Anonymous said...

Yea, just bc you're half white doesn't mean you're white. Do you not know how amazing you're Asian heritage is?!?

Anonymous said...

Michele branch, her grand mother is javanese, indonesia. Carmit bachar (one of main vocal in PussyCatDolls) her father is indonesian, etc.. but.. Just let them half blablabla.. No need to be proud of! Lol..

Anonymous said...

Indian are Asian decendents.

Anonymous said...

Your a fuckin idiot. My half japanese half white friends would kill you for saying some shit like that. And it doesnt matter if ur 95 percent or 5 percent asian dumbass. If ur mom or dad pulls asian, guess what idiot ur Asian. Someone punch this dumbass plz!

Anonymous said...

SAMOANS ARE NOT ASIAN DUMB ASS.. idk who wrote Samoa is on the same continent as Australia ..but DAT person questioning who wrote it is stupid as well.. :-p kae lou ufa

Anonymous said...

full blooded indian? are you on crack? The article is correcting in saying 100% Parsi, as that is his ETHNICITY. Nationality is a totally different concept. Parsi are ethnically closer to Persian than any ethnicity of indian subcontinent. Look at him... i've never seen an indian look like him, while he has a pretty standard Iranian/Armenian/Georgian facial structure and features. there is a video of him calling himself "Persian royalty"

Anonymous said...

Yes and thank you for putting this out. I am from the USA, a world traveler and love planet earth; yet the people, their attitudes plus ignorance with an overload of arrogance can ruin our blessed day. The people can make all the difference and being with great people is where inspiration and influence is key. I am not a scholar of this subject but have been to both Madras, India and Sri Lanka. The word "Indian" is not a people... "Indians" in India were Hindu's in a country named Hindustan that is much never heard of. "Indians" in America are not a people, race, class or citizen either. The peoples, natives and tribes from Alaska, all provinces of Canada, North and South America were "Asiatic" or Asian. They were ruled over by a godless culture of invaders that said god was their guide and did not respect any other culture that claimed the same. Natives in America are Asian.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Actually Parsi are Asian
Parsi or Parsee /ˈpɑrsiː/ is a member of one of the two Zoroastrian communities found throughout South Asia. They are legally and ethnically distinct from the Iranis even though both groups descend from Persian Zoroastrians.
Found it on Wikipedia

Anonymous said...

Being one-fourth asian doesnt actually make you asian, idiots

Rachel Moreno said...

I am 100% Brazilian i have a full blooded Brazilian dad and a full blooded Brazilian mom, both my parents we're born in Brazil i on the other hand was born and raised here in Los Angeles California so what does that make me a Brazilian American? or just flat out Brazilian?

Anonymous said...

Yeah right ! NeYo is part Chinese is a joke. He is straight up negroid ! Another black person wanting to be anything but just Black ! What a shame !

Anonymous said...

then it means eddie van halen is only a quarter on indonesian .. pft !

Anonymous said...

you are 100% braziLian from bLood views and ethnicity but since you were born in caLifornia you take the citizenship as braziLian american .. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, they are good looking people. Why the fascination with the asian factor. My children are both half Chinese and I just love my kids. Hope the world sees them as people some sort of symbol.

Anonymous said...

eddie van halen : half indonesian... not malaysian or chinese

Anonymous said...

Enrique Iglesias is 20% Filipino and 80% European. The Preysler family on his mother's father's side are descended from Spaniards but born and raised in the Philippines, while the Arrastia surname on her mother's side are mestizos (part Spanish).

Anonymous said...

Eddie &alex van halen his mother is indonesia, from Rangkasbitung. But no need to care about where they are came from as long as they have great music to hear by everyone.

Julius Ian Panogot said...

APL D AP of Black Eyed Peas is Half Filipino, Half African American.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Then tell us, genius, what does it make you?