Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Car Lover Builds Lamborghini Reventon For Himself

The Lamborghini Reventon was a limited edition supercar that the Italian automaker made. Only 21 cars were ever made, each sporting a price tag of $2.3 million. It could’ve been dream car for many but in reality very few could actually afford the car. One such fan from China was so obsessed with the F-22 Raptor style Lamborghini, that he decided to create one for himself.

When a hair salon owner first saw Lamborghini Reventon he was so impressed he couldn't think about anything else. But the price of the car was way to high for him. So he built one for himself. He bought a 1995 Nissan A31, hired three more people and 12 days later he already had his own Lamborghini Reventon. Well, it doesn't look that good, but it still cost him only US$13,850. And after it is painted it should look like a genuine Lamborghini Reventon.

Source: imaginechina
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