Monday, May 23, 2011

Creative Gadgets for Photography Lovers

This is a list of 20 really cool gadgets for photography lovers. The items vary from useful to fun, but we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for!

You can actually buy almost every single gadget from this list except a few which are in concept stage.

Recycled Camera Focus Lens Cuff

Photo Album Coffee Table

Camera Phone Lenses

My Photo Case

The Super-Secret Spy Lens

The Camera Lens Mug

Solar-Powered Camera Strap

Camera USB Drive

Inflatable Photo Studio

Mini Model Camera With 3 Lenses

Corner Frames

Photoshop Fridge Magnets

F-ck Photoshop: The Pencil For the Purist

Lens Bracelets

Photoshop Frame

The Level Camera Cube

SLR Pinhole Lens

Camera Lamp

Cloak Bag

The Bottle Cap Tripod

Source: boredpanda
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