Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Dumb Reactions To Osama Bin Laden Death On Facebook

Celebrations started across the virtual and real worlds as word spread that Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks on the U.S., had been killed. On Twitter and Facebook, Internet users logged celebratory messages from across the globe. Here are the forty funniest reactions facebook had to offer about Obsama bin Laden's death.

Source: buzzfeed
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Anonymous said...

Chairmen O raised our Gasolean tax to 45% while those mean Oil company's only get a 4% profit per gallon ,How about lowering the tax . Democrats are a criminal enterprise !I look forward 2012 . Thank you George W Bush for Justice. The middle east is falling just like the Berlin Wall . I look forward to Starbucks and McDonald's on every corner in the world.

Anonymous said...

It's so funny that Left always resorts to anger and foul language to avoid the truth. That money we spent gave justice and brought down the middle east. Just like the soviet union. Now there is no reason to fleece the USA with the redistribution of wealth . And for Chairman O. He only got a 1% bump from the killing of a evil man. He's so finished on 2012. The election of 2010, thank god the people see what you don't. Please read Thomas Pain "Common Sense" Taxation without representation .

Anonymous said...

John, get used to it. You have the cheapest gasoline of ANY industrialized country. All I hear is "whaaaaa, whaaaaa, we're so spoiled and our gas prices just went up. whaaaaaa." Try using less like the rest of the world does.

Rooney said...

Actually John, the Federal excise tax on gasoline of 18.4% has not been raised. Certain state excise taxes on gasoline have been though. That is something you should write your state legislature about. And John #2(whom I suspect is also John #1), Obama's approval rating got a bump of 9% (not 1%)up to a total approval rating of 57%. Both of you should do your homework better.

Anonymous said...

This is from Wikipedia :
state tax is 27¢/gal plus an additional 24.4¢/gal federal tax making the total 51.4¢/gal.
Big mean Oil Companys make from 4% to 8%, who is the bigger abuser? And as for the 9% Jump I looked at 24hours after your check was 48 hours, which wont last! Lets not forget the 2010 elections which were a Populist Backlash Against Obama. Chairman O aka Jimmy Carter 2nd, Chairman O Knows his days in Office are dwindling. Also lets not forget this CONFIRMED: CIA Chief Panetta Admits Info From Waterboarding Led US to Osama Bin Laden
http://www.blogrunner.com/snapshot/D/2/2/confirmed_cia_chief_panetta_admits_info_from_waterboarding_led_us_to_osama_bin_laden/ So Obama can thank
George W Bush and Dick C. I pray they build the Obama library next too the IRS, then people can wath the crimes of Big Tax goverment in action. I love Dam Cool Pics and would even Support this site but Please if your going to poke fun at GOP please Mank fun of Nancy P and Harry R and Chairmen O and all the other Fools on the left Acorn Code Pink and Media Matters and Green Peace there is so much stuf out there that they do thats so funny.