Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Surprising Same Age Celebrities

These days we expect our celebs to look nothing less than perfect. Some of them only got better with age and knew how to age gracefully, others just seem hooked up on botox injections, cosmetic surgery and who knows what else...

What all these celebrities have in common? They're the same age. Even if sometimes it's hard to believe. Take a look.

Courteney Cox & Sandra Bullock
Age: 46

Prince William & Cory Monteith
Age: 28

Elizabeth Hurley & Bjork
Age: 45

Gordon Ramsay & Rainn Wilson
Age: 45

Lindsay Lohan & Heidi Montag
Age: 24

Iggy Pop & Elton John
Age: 64

Madonna & Ellen
Age: 53

Keith Richards & Ben Kingsley
Age: 67

Amy Winehouse & Mila Kunis
Age: 27

Paris Hilton & Chelsea Clinton
Age: 30

Brad Pitt & Jet Li
Age: 48

Lady Gaga & Amanda Bynes
Age: 25

Megan Fox & Olsen Twins
Age: 25

Jack Nicholson & George Takei
Age: 74

Anne Hathaway & LeAnn Rhimes
Age: 28

Jennifer Aniston & Catherine Zeta-Jones
Age: 42

Macauley Culkin & Jake Gyllenhaal
Age: 30

Celine Dion & Naomi Watts
Age: 43

Eminem & Gwyneth Paltrow
Age: 38

Goldie Hawn & Helen Mirren
Age: 65

Helena Bonham Carter & Salma Hayek
Age: 44

Jamie Lee Curtis & Jennifer Tilly
Age: 52

Kylie Jenner & Chloe Moretz
Age: 14

John Krasinski & Pete Doherty
Age: 32

Diane Lane & J.K. Rowling
Age: 46

Maggie Gyllenhaal & Sarah Michelle Gellar
Age: 33

Taylor Momsen & Miranda Cosgrove
Age: 17

Paz de la Huerta & Scarlett Johansson
Age: 26

Katy Perry & Avril Lavigne
Age: 26

Seth Rogen & Kieran Culkin
Age: 29

Shania Twain & Brooke Shields
Age: 45

Rachel Weisz & Heather Graham
Age: 41

Source: xfinity.comcast
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Holidays in Devon said...

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