Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Vintage Airplane-Turned-Restaurant at in Zurich Airport

This retired Soviet Iluyshin IL-14 plane has found new life as an incredible restaurant and bar in Zurich, Switzerland. The vintage plane and its hangar, located across from the Zurich International Airport, have been converted into a unique dining experience, called Runway 34. The aviation-themed restaurant offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy meals, stiff cocktails, cappuccino and cigars inside the renovated aircraft and its environs.

The Ilyushin airplane sits inside the restaurant’s converted hangar. Everything inside the Runway 34 is aviation inspired. The entrance is a jetbridge, which comes complete with a magazine rack. The menu holders on the tables are shaped like airplane tail fins and some of the tables have decommissioned airline seats. The Runway 34 features four distinct areas. The Hangar Restaurant is the main eating area that serves a fusion of Asian, Swiss and Mediterranean cuisines to the on-board guests.

The luxurious Cigar Lounge has red leather chairs, a cappuccino machine and a humidor. The Wingwalker Bar comes surrounded by windows to offer outside views. Then there is the Aviator Lounge, which serves generally as the Hangar Restaurant’s overflow and large group seating area.

If you happen to be in Zurich or are planning a trip there, you should not miss checking out this ultimate airport bar and restaurant.

Hangar Restaurant

Hangar Restaurant

Smokers Lounge

Aviator Lounge

Wingwalker Bar
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