Wednesday, June 15, 2011

50 US States Stereotypes

Enjoy poking fun at other American states? You might enjoy this video post covering all 50 state stereotypes in 2 minutes and change.

Alabama - Our state bird is the NASCAR.
Alaska - I can see seasonal depression from here.
Arizona - Keeping Indians in and Mexicans out!
Arkansas - Great scenery, brilliant people.... I'm sorry, we got Walmart.
California - Gay Mexican boob job computer hippies that really want to direct...
Colorado - SNOW, I mean cocaine. We're also known for skiing.
Connecticut - Great schools, because there is nothing else to do.
Delaware - Come, we've got low incorporation fees. No seriously. Please come.
Florida - The more north you go the more south it gets.
Georgia - Atlanta! We're kind of ashamed of the rest of it, though.
Hawaii - If you lived here, you'd be lazy too.
Idaho - Potatoes and Napolean Dynamite... god we're cool!
Illinois - Look! A non-corrupt politician, for once, so far.
Indiana - You have to drive through us to get to somewhere better.
Iowa - 56,000 square miles of dull.
Kansas - White-breds making wheat bread.
Kentucky - Farming from the future; textbooks from 1925.
Louisiana - Thanks BP, like we didn't have enough problems.
Maine - A wicked lot of moose, eh?
Maryland - Have Jeeves bring the lobster boat around.
Massachusettes - Our chief export is obnoxious Pats fans. (corrected)
Michigan - Cereal makers, serial killers.
Minnesota - Too nice NOT to elect douche-y governors.
Mississippi - I'm gonna need a bigger bible belt.
Missouri - We're #1!.... in... meth. (corrected)
Montana - Speed limits don't matter when you're drunk.
Nebraska - Footballs, drawls, and overalls...
Nevada - No laws, no problem. Except all the murders...
New Hampshire - Half hippy, half French, all upper class.
New Jersey - GTL (Guidos, turnpikes, and leeching off New York)
New Mexico - Like regular Mexico, but with more UFO's.
New York - World's 14th biggest city, first biggest ego.
North Carolina - First in flight and lung cancer.
North Dakota - Somehow even worse than South Dakota.
Ohio - People care about us at election time...?
Oklahoma - 10 days tornado free!
Oregon - Dreadlocks on caucasians.
Pennsylvania - Even our Almish will fight you.
Rhode Island - No seriously! We're a state!
South Carolina - Still accepting Confederate dollars.
South Dakota - .... at least we're not North Dakota.
Tennessee - Where white people music comes from.
Texas - Everything is bigger, even our morons.
Utah - Multiple homely wives.
Vermont - Gay marriages on maple syrup farms.
Virginia - Center of civilization to hicks-ville in 20 minutes flat.
Washington - Richer hippies than Oregon.
West Virginia - Inbred lovechild of Virginia and DC.
Wisconsin - It's too cold to be sober.
Wyoming - We don't have any gay cowboys, alright? Okay, maybe a few gay cowboys...
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