Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Design Ideas Inspired By Nature

No matter how advanced our society and technology is, we can never forget our origins, and we will always need something green around us. Of course, the best idea is actually spending some time in the countryside, but it’s not always possible, so the only thing left is probably bringing some nature to your house instead.

Wearable Planter

Living Moss Bath Mat

Table With Removable Planter

Dilston Grove

Green Bed

Green Umbrella Stand

Growing Jewelry

One Pot, Two Lives

Metamorphosis: Bookshelf

Growing Chair

Grass Car

Green Knuckles

Bloomin’ Designer’s Business Card

Grass-On Green Lamp

Grow Up Cup

Grass Covered Mouse

Pooktre Chair

Fly Tower

Outdoor Living Room

Organic Clock

Life Drawing

Grass Flip Flops

Flower Pots by GOOD!

Green Roofs

LED Mushroom Lamps

Ivy Bike Lock

Source: boredpanda
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