Thursday, June 30, 2011

Funny Public Transport People

The next time you plan on being a weirdo while taking the subway, think again, because someone just might snap a photo of you. These awkward, bizarre and very funny pictures were taken by stealth photographers looking to become famous, and expose their fellow strange travelers.

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Anonymous said...

Please refrain from taking pics of the homeless. Im from Boston and I know at least one of those guys. Sleep deprived people of little means are not funny. And the guy with the bag on his head is very bas off in the streets here. Boston tolerates homeless people so college kids can see whats really out here and the rich who come here or live here. Its left over from the old money and Catholic communities. Selfies with The Homeless are the most deplorable. Try to understand. Thanks.
Homeless Traveler, activist, writer, woman-Cambridge MA.