Thursday, June 09, 2011

Malissa Jones, The Fattest Teenager in Britain is now Anorexic

The woman who was once Britain's fattest teenager now has anorexia. Malissa Jones, 21, lost 26 stone (364lbs) after having a gastric band fitted four years ago. She now weighs just 8st (112lbs).

Doctors had warned her that she was close to death at 34stone (476lbs). At aged just 15, she had already suffered from a suspected heart attack, and her massive weight was crushing her internal organs on her 5ft 8inch frame.

But now Malissa has been told she could die within six months unless she eats more. She told Closer magazine: "I would urge anyone wanting surgery to lose weight healthily. I wish I had. "Surgery can have consequences you might never have imagined."

Malissa was the world's youngest stomach bypass patient when she had the £10,000 NHS operation in January 2008.

Malissa Jones at age 6

She consumed 15,000 calories a day from gorging on chocolate, crisps and junk food - seven and a half times the recommended 2,000 calories for a girl of her age. But parents Richard and Dawn were unable to stop her food cravings.

Source: dailymail
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