Thursday, June 30, 2011

Phuket Nightlife

Here’s an interesting series of photos taken on the streets of the beach resort Patong at night on the popular tourist and backpacker destination of Phuket Island, Thailand.

They show the lively nightlife area around Bangla Road, the hawkers and hookers, the taxi drivers, touts and tourists. All thrown together these pictures make for some interesting viewing.

The striking point about Thai pimple-coverer is that 70% of its prostitutes have recently been known as men. And it's not always that easy to recognize between real girls and former guys.

The picture of a night life won't be completed without sellers ready to sell any product at a relatively low price and drivers of open cabs. There are millions of cab drivers. Their number actually exceeds the number of tourists. A journey to such a cab will cost you around 10 dollars.

Source: akterpnd.livejournal
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phuket holidays said...

The night life in Phuket seems awesome. Aside from the beaches, one can go out to swing in the clubs.