Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Wouldn't Life Be Perfect If...

Wouldn’t life be perfect if nothing bad happened? Though the artist is unknown, he or she has done an excellent job in creating this series of posters to complete the sentence: "Wouldn’t life be perfect if..." Take a look at these witty situations we have all had the unfortunate opportunity to be in. Which ones do you wish were true?

Source: dailyinspiration
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Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be perfect if:
1. Cancer and other incurable diseases didn't exist.
2. Everyone had a bed to fall asleep in.
3. No one went to be hungry.

This artist's problems are completely irrelevant compared to real problems that would make life perfect if they didn't exist.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous - Although you are correct about real issues being more imprtant than teh post above, I do think and would like to point out that you are completely full of crap! This post, I am sure, was intended with all good things in mind (to be funny) and to entertain. Let me ask you something, do you donate monwy to cancer research etc? Do you feed homeless people.. Honestly!?