Friday, July 15, 2011

10 Female Celebrities Who Used To Be Hot

While everyone gets older, it always seems so shocking to see female celebrities age and try desperately to hang on to their good looks. Check out these sad examples of celebrities trying everything to look younger.

Whitney Houston

Meg Ryan

Tara Reid

Kirstie Alley

Janice Dickinson

Carmella Bing

Lil Kim

Mischa Barton

Nikki Cox

Jenna Jameson

Source: complex
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Anonymous said...

misha still looks great!

Anonymous said...

Carmella Bing is way hotter now

Anonymous said...

F**k yeah!

Anonymous said...

i would fuck carmella soo good. every roll she has will get fucked. shes sooooo hot

Anonymous said...

I dated Carmella back in high school best blowjob ever #blowjobbetty

Anonymous said...

I love carmella more now.

Anonymous said...

Fuck yeah!

Anonymous said...

you guys are such dick heads cause all you think with is your dick idk i just think its just sick honestly get girlfriends lol