Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Daily Diet Of The Woman Who Hopes To Be The Fattest Person in World

Susanne Eman of Casa Grande, Arizona—currently weighing in at 720 pounds—hopes to become the fattest woman of all time and surpass the standing record of 1,600 pounds. Here is what she eats every day to try and shatter that record. It’s a 21,962 calorie menu of sadness. Why is she doing this? Because she’s considered hot by the SSBBW (Super-Size Big Beautiful Woman) community.

Image Source: Barcroft Media

Image Source: Barcroft Media

Image Source: Barcroft Media

Image Source: Barcroft Media

6 Scrambled Eggs Cooked In Butter=468 cal.

Half Pound Of Bacon=1,168 cal.

4 Hash Browned Potatoes=672 cals.

6 Pieces Of Buttered Toast=600 cals.

Ice Cream Shake=1,160 cals.

Bag Of Animal Crackers=1,950 cals.

2-Liter Of Soda=800 cals.

Bag Of Barbeque Chips=1,650 cals.

3 Ham And Cheese Sandwiches=1,576 cals.

3 Beef, Bean And Green Chili Burritos With Sour Cream=1,453 cals.

Salad With Bacon, Cheese And Chicken=1,479 cals.

12 Tacos=4,906 cals.

2-Liter Of Soda=800 cals.

8 Scoops Of Ice Cream=2,080 cals.

Pan Of Brownies=1,200 cals.

Source: dailymail
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Anonymous said...

Who the fuck pays for this?!?!?

Anonymous said...

And when she is dead, the necrophiliac community will find her sexy?

Julie said...

So very very egoistic.

Anonymous said...

some people are complete morons

Jamie Darrach said...

I hope she has someone lined up to care for those children after she is dead. That is horrible for the heart, and no good will come of it. She won't last long like that. Those poor children...

Anonymous said...