Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Lottery Winners

Many people dream about getting a large fortune without any effort. Those who do not rely on themselves, or on inheritance of rich relatives, are often willing to rely on fate. For example, they participate in the lottery. Especially lotteries are popular in the United States. It is interesting to mention that the largest lottery winnings were received in the USA. It is worth noting that the winners will not receive the full amount of the winning.

First of all they have to decide whether they want to receive the winnings in the form of relatively small annual payments, or prefer to take their cash. In the second case the prize amount is greatly reduced. In addition, winners must pay 25 % federal tax on winnings. We will not go deep into the complex process of payments, let's look at the happy faces of people who received fortune in a moment. Judging from the photos, many have not yet realized that they became rich.

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Tino said...

I love it. I'd be smiling to if I was given an over-sized check!

Jose Diaz said...

Lottery Strategy That Will Work for You

Did you hear the story about the Oklahoma professor that was shot in the left foot after winning the lottery three times? This is not a joke. It is the truth, it really did happen. This professor hit the mega lottery three times. He was attempting to leave the mall and was abducted by two men that had their faces covered by masks. When he began to make a run from the vehicle that they has placed him in he was shot in the left foot. He was able to continue running until he reached help.
You might be wondering why these men tried to kidnap him in the first place. Well, the reason is because they wanted to know his lottery strategy. They wanted him to tell them how he has won the lottery three times in a row. They knew that he had to have a lottery plan that worked and they wanted to know what it was. In fact, they even threatened to kill him if he did not tell them what the lottery secret was.
So, you are probably thinking the same thing. You probably want to know what the lottery code is so that you can apply it and see if it works for you. I can assure you that it will work for you and you will be amazed at just how simple it is. The man that was shot in the foot spent eight years of his life developing the lottery pattern that has become so very successful for him and he wants to start sharing it with people just like you.
Now, you may be skeptical but I want to let you in on another little secret. He has shared his lottery code with others and they have been just as successful as him. As a matter of fact, one man won $37,000 after just two weeks of using the lottery strategy that the professor is going to share with you. Another individual won $100,000 in just one month.
It is amazing how the lottery code can change a person’s life. It can do the same for you and the professor knows that. He understands how it can help people reach their goals and live comfortably for the rest of their lives. Now, you may be wondering why this man would want to give you his lottery tips when he could save them all for himself. Over the years he has been able to experience how good it makes him feel to help others by giving his lottery strategy to others. This is why he wants you to have it. He does not want to be greedy with all that he has won. He is find a positive way to give back some of his winnings and you should be happy about that.

Australian Lotto Results said...

I want to be on this photo)))

Wednesday Lotto results said...

And I am sure that all these people were not happy ...

Australian lotto results said...

I have never heard this stroy, but it is looks very interesting

lotto results australia said...

Yeap, I agree that is a wonderful story.