Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hot Bikini-Clad Girls Set Shower Record

A group of bikini-wearing girls have lathered up on Bournemouth beach in a bid to help set the world record for the most people to shower together. The record was set by 152 people who braved the chilly weather to lather up and get soapy with complete strangers under a giant 18-foot shower structure.

The event was organized by Lynx to promote their new shower gel and beat the previous record set in Illinois two years ago when 145 people showered together. The marketing geniuses at Lynx were smart enough to implant a lot of sexy models into the publicity stunt so that the photos and video were very pleasing to the eye. I would not have written this story had 152 hairy, fat guys in Speedos just show up.

Anna Orford, of Guinness World Records, said: "Lynx have constructed a fantastic showering tool, and the people of Bournemouth have to be applauded for getting into the spirit of the day and taking a shower together.

"Their reward is a new Guinness World Record for the most people showering simultaneously at the same venue. Congratulations to everyone involved!"

Source: dailymail
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