Thursday, August 11, 2011

Improve Attractiveness with Body Language [infographic]

Actions speak louder than words… no really. According to today’s infographic from 100 Best Dating Sites, this adage is especially true at the start of a romantic relationship. Small non-verbal cues—a smile, length of eye contact, and posture—communicate more to potential romantic interests than that clever line carefully mined from a Hugh Grant flick (though that never hurts).

The infographic dissects several ways the body communicates and gives some hints for both women and men. Regardless of gender, “crinkly eyed” smiles are considered more sincere, and the 0.5 second smile effectively bridges the gap between smirking and faking. The infographic also gives tips on appearing more confident.

Whether you are a master of first impressions or your pick-up routine leaves something to be desired, approximately 55% of communication is made before you say anything; effectively master the art of body language and your interpersonal interactions just might improve.

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Source: 100bestdatingsites
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