Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Skype Office in Stockholm

The newly Skype office was designed by Swedish architecture & design firm PS Arkitektur. This cool cheery-cherry-berry office (wow! that was a tongue twister) is located inside of an old brewery (Münchenbrewery) in Stockholm, Sweden The office design is based on the spirit of Skype, how it is a useful and playful tool that connects the world. The in-between shapes of interconnected nodes has given us romboid and triangular shapes that is visible in the flooring and in the design of some of the hard furniture.

The playful happy theme in colours and soft furniture comes from the Skype graphics and the Skype cloud logo is reinterpreted as cloud-shaped lighting throughout the office space. The Stockholm office predominately works with audio and video development and this is manifested in the special made wallpapers with cables, earphones and other devices linked to audio-video technique.

Photographs by Jason Strong
Source: archdaily
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