Friday, September 30, 2011

30 Strange Currencies Around the World

The common impression is that currencies come only in the form of the paper money in your wallet or coins in your pocket. Or that gold, copper or silver once functioned as primitive form of currencies.

From today's modern society, that's true.

But from history's perspective, we realize currencies took in many forms...including the most bizarre ones.

Zimbabwe Currency

German Crisis Money Around 1921

Chinese Kuan note is the world’s oldest known banknote, from around 1380

Bank notes from Belarus

Katanga crosses used in Zaire, Africa

Wooden bills of Germany

Rai Stone, On the island of Yap in the Solomon Islands

Zambia coins in honour of the 2000 Sydney Olympics

The world's largest note

The death penalty dollar

Canadian Tire money

Bank of Cthulhu

Space Quid, currency to be used in space

The African nation of Zaire

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Transex Florianopolis said...

The #4 is very bizarre!!!