Friday, September 02, 2011

Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Multiracial

While some of these celebrities ethnic backgrounds might not surprise you, others will have you scratching your head. Here are 34 celebrities who's lineage is much more interesting than you would have thought. Who knew?.

Steve Jobs

Half Arab.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Quarter Indonesian.

Vince Vaughn

Part Lebanese.

Kid Cudi

Half Mexican.

Alia Shawkat

Her father is a native of Iraq.

Tony Shalhoub

Half Lebanese.

Keanu Reeves

Quarter Hawaiian and a quarter Chinese.

Ralph Nader


Rob Schneider

Quarter Filipino.

Aubrey Plaza

Half Puerto-Rican.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Half Samoan.

Olivia Munn

Half Chinese.

Karen O

Born in South Korea and is half Korean.

Nicki Minaj

Half Indo-Asian.

Chad Michael Murray

Quarter Japanese.

Freddie Mercury

100% Parsi.

Frank Zappa

Quarter Arab.

Lea Michelle

Part Spanish.

Eddie Van-Halen

He is half Chinese-Malaysian.

Bruno Mars

Half Filipino.

Norah Jones

The daughter of Ravi Shankar, and half Indian.

David Gallagher

Half Cuban.

Bob Marley

Half Black and Caucasian.

Sara Paxton

Half Mexican.

Alexis Bledel

Half Mexican.

Sonya Walger

Penny from Lost is Half Argentine.

Naomi Campbell

Quarter Chinese.

Vin Diesel

Half African-American.

Jimi Hendrix

Quarter Cherokee.

Frankie Muniz

Half Puerto Rican.

Jennifer Tilly

Half Chinese.

Shannon Elizabeth



Quarter Chinese.

Jessica Alba

Half Mexican.
Source: buzzfeed
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Anonymous said...

some of these are NOT multiracial.
Argentinians, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans are descendants of people from those countries.they are not one race countries!
Same as Japanese and Chinese,they are both of Asian race and not a race apart.

Anonymous said...

Ask a scientist: races don't exist. There is not enough difference between people from different places on earth to call it different races. Cool to see where everyone is from though :)

Anonymous said...

Arab and Lebanese are cultural and national designations, not racial. Most Arabs and Lebanese are white.

Similarly, Spain is a European country. No indigenous Spaniard is considered non-white! Hello! Spaniards conquered the "New World" believing that they as "white Europeans" were superior to the brown, "savage" Native Americans.

Many of the people with Latin American roots are not necessarily mixed-race. For instance, Argentina is considered to be a mainly white European country because it exterminated most of the Native Americans and former black slaves.

In particular, in Latin America, the white European phenotype is considered to be the genetic prize because white Europeans successfully conquered the Americas and continue to control the wealth and culture. Look at the telenovelas. One rarely sees indigenous, mixed, or African peoples in leading roles.

As for the Rock, yes he's half Samoan and also half African-American. Just as is Ms. Minaj is half-black.

Of course, for much of American history, being "black" in the U.S.A. was very inclusive because of the One Drop Rule. Therefore, most African-Americans are mixed-race.

I do appreciate your attempt to educate but you should do a better job of understanding race. Race is about looks, history, power, wealth, and privilege.

Anonymous said...

Freddie Mercury is iranian (persian),
parsi is iranian language!

Anonymous said...

Hispanics usually fall under white, and "Arab" is not a race. Most Arabs are white. You should either change the title to 'Multi-ethnic celebrities' or just take most of those people off of your list.

Anonymous said...

To one of the comments:

Freddie Mercury is indeed Parsi. Parsi refers to a people-group in India who haven't inhabited the area known as Iran for over 1,000 years. You're thinking of "Farsi," the dominate language of Iran. Now, whether he should be defined as "multi-racial" is entirely different.

Anonymous said...

Yeh thats right parsi people have been in india for over 1000 years, I dont think you can call him an iranian anymore--- You can thank the muslim conquest for that.

Anonymous said...

Some serious surprises and yup freddy mercurary (birth name faroukh bulsara) was a Parsi Gujarati who Indian and lived in Zanzibar when a revolution occurred killing the Indians and Arabs his family moved to London...therefor safe to say he was not mixed race.
Also, it's quite clear to see that niki is half black, it's nice to see a website also celebrating her Indian side...

Anonymous said...

FFS! Most of these can be easily figured out! Her last name is Alba! How stupid can you get?!

Anonymous said...

Some dumbass said "some of these are NOT multiracial.
Argentinians, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans are descendants of people from those countries.they are not one race countries! Same as Japanese and Chinese,they are both of Asian race and not a race apart."

First of all, Asian is an ethnicity NOT RACE!!! Secondly, some Mexicans are of pure Indigenous descent but people like the one qouted above don't know nothing about different cultures (e.g. the Zapatistas from Chiappas Mexico are all of 100% Mayan descent and do not even speak Spanish while living in Mexico). Don't take my word, research it.

Anonymous said...

And for your correction the most pure arabs are black and not majority white and as a fellow arab, the ones that are white or lighter skin complection are usually mixed with white along the line. But the authentic arabs are black

Anonymous said...

Firstly, all these groups or ethnicities of the people mentioned above are not a race. Arabics are white, only consider themselves coloured when it's convenient. Puerto Rican is not a race, it's a nationality. Lebanese and spaniards are white. Nicki Minaj is not half indo-Trinidadian. Her dad is half. This post is a joke. This post should have been named white people mixed with white people from different countries.

elftails said...

What is an "authentic" Arab?

Anonymous said...

Vin Diesel should have been listed as half Italian because the Black in him is obvious even with him shaving his head. Also listing Geographic as races is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

bunch of racist here jajaja you hate puerto rican people. americans area multi racist too because real american area indians, youre desendants of conquerors and killers from europe jajaja you suck cristopher columbus dick.

Anonymous said...

Olivia Munn's mom is from Vietnam so that would NOT make her "half Chinese" but they all look the same AmIrite? Haha...I'm Asian btw :P ya racists.

Anonymous said...

I realize this article is like 5 years old but so many of these aren't mixed at all. Even legally Puerto Rican and Lebanese are considered white by the census.

Invisible Man said...

You just have to be American because only you people can't tell the difference between Chinese and Japanese, North Indian and South Indian.