Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chinglish: English Translations Gone Wrong

Most of these English grammar errors are coming from China, guess they have a cult dedicated to Google Translator over there. "Chinglish" is a combination of Chinese and English. This word is often used by local Chinese people as a light hearted joke. They know and understand their English is not perfect, and they don't mind joking about it from time to time... They are happy people.

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shivakumar said...

Apart from the fact that some of these translations are quite racist, it is still quite interesting to see how the English language develops in other countries. Translation has an influence on the way a foreign language is used. The word ‘handy’ for instance was originally a German to English mistranslation for ‘mobile phone’. Nowadays it is quite a common anglicism which is part of people's vocabulary. I don’t want to be nit-picking, but it is advisable to use professional translation services to obtain high-quality translations.

JANA said...

Those pictures are really funny....
But actually, "Chinglish translation" has evolved into a common phenomenon. Those Chinglish signs are ubiquitous in China. Yet, as for non-native speakers, it seems to be very hard to avoid Chinglish when they express their meanings in English. Chinglish also reflects cultural and ideological differences between Chinese and English society.
Of course, in order not to get lost in translation, it is better to find a professional translation company to do the translation.