Thursday, September 08, 2011

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg New 7 Million Dollar House

26 year old Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, who had been renting for years which was a huge topic of discussion because he could afford to buy has finally purchased a home in Palo Alto California. He is reported to have paid $7 million for a home in Palo Alto, California.

But after looking at photos of Mark Zuckerberg’s new house, I can’t help but ask: Is it worth $7 million? The 5,617 square feet home includes 5 bedrooms and 5 baths, a banquet-size dining room, a music alcove and glassed-in porch. The backyard has a saltwater pool, a spa, an outdoor gazebo with a wood-burning fireplace and a carport. But 7 million dollars? I’m no real estate expert but, from the looks of it, the house does not look like a seven million dollar home.

The mansion was built in 1866.

Picture taken by google earth.

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Anonymous said...

Whoever sold Mark this house laughed all the way to the bank...he probably put a 4 millor dollar check in the bank.....

kim23 said...

Honestly, I admire him, because he lived with rent and he's a billionaire... not many people would do the same thing. I heard about this from the real estate agent Michael Libow, who wrote an article about this kind of old houses! By the way, thank you for the article and for these pictures!