Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hotel For The Dead Opens In Japan

A Tokyo non-profit has opened a storage facility for corpses awaiting funerals. It's billed as a "business hotel for the dead." The LISS Center Shin-Kiba facility, which is run by funeral-arranging non-profit LISS System, can store up to 37 bodies in rooms with antibacterial lights, the Yomiuri Shimbun reported Monday. The rooms cost $88 per night and the center also offers assistance with arranging for morticians and setting up funerals.

"Bereaved families usually are rushed to decide on a mortician and often have problems later regarding the funeral," said Nyokai Matsushima of LISS System. "We want the families to have time to think, so they can decide on a satisfactory ceremony while their deceased relatives have a place to rest (temporarily) at our 'business hotel.'"

Source: 24sata
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Anonymous said...

I guess there's no en-suite rooms available