Thursday, September 29, 2011

Inside The New Adidas Headquarters in Germany

Designers of the German architectural studio KINZO completed work on the design of the new headquarters of the brand Adidas, based in Hertsogenaurahe, Germany. The 1,700 staff members moved into an amazing new work space that features intertwining glass walkways made to mimic the laces of a sneaker. Berlin design company KINZO set out to create something that would reflect adidas inside and out.

The “Teamplayer” space is at the heart of the new design, supporting desktops, storage and creating a multifunctional room that looks like it’s zoned into honeycombs. In other words, the KINZO design team have created a space within a space. It lets separate teams have a specific section, but not be completely cut off from the other groups working inside the “Teamplayer.”

The entire WORKOUT furniture system is designed specifically to meet the needs of the team, and work together as a system, rather than functioning as just individual pieces. German furniture specialist Planmöbel partnered with KINZO to create environmentally friendly, functional furniture sealed with a monolithic surface and a powder-coated finish.

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cmo said...

It`s Herzogenaurach and it would be interesting to see it filled with personal stuff. It looks unreal