Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The World's Largest Lightsaber Fight

Star Wars fans from all over the East Coast crossed lightsabers at New York City's Washington Square Park for what might be the world's largest lightsaber battle.

Newmindspace invited Jedi and Sith from all over to meet up at the NYC park, asking only that each participant choose either Jedi or Sith, and arranged a massive fight. They provided sabers to anyone who showed up unequipped.

The group expected 500 fans to show up, but that number quickly doubled by the time of the showdown. The Sith took one side, the Jedi another, and then they charged. The end result looks like nothing so much as a mid-1990s rave, complete with a slew of glowsticks. Check out a few of the images and video.

Source: io9
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