Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The 50 Best Breakfasts in the World

Many people consider breakfast their favorite meal of the day. This is especially true if they have a great breakfast to eat. These are some of the most delicious and scrumptious looking breakfasts that you have ever seen.

1. English breakfast

2. Breakfast in Iran

3. Cuban breakfast

4. Polish Breakfast

5. Spanish breakfast

6. Delicious Moroccan breakfast

7. A healthy Hawaiian breakfast

8. Swedish breakfast

9. Icelandic breakfast

10. Breakfast in Portugal

11. Breakfast in Australia

12. A Brazilian breakfast

13. An Italian breakfast

14. A Welsh breakfast

15. Breakfast in Denmark

16. A Philippines breakfast

17. An Alaskan breakfast

18. A traditional German breakfast

19. The famous American breakfast

20. The French breakfast

21. Breakfast in India

22. A hearty Scottish breakfast

23. Breakfast in Thailand

24. An Argentinian breakfast

25. An Irish breakfast

26. A Canadian breakfast

27. Breakfast in Mexico

28. A Russian breakfast

29. Breakfast in Vietnam

30. Breakfast in Peru

31. Breakfast in Bolivia

32. An Egyptian breakfast

33. Breakfast in Japan

34. Breakfast in China

35. Malaysian breakfast

36. Breakfast in Mongolia

37. Breakfast in Belize

38. A Hungarian breakfast

39. A Korean breakfast

40. Breakfast in Pakistan

41. An Estonian breakfast

42. Breakfast in Jordan

43. Breakfast in Venezuela

44. Breakfast in Colombia

45. Breakfast in Ghana

46. Breakfast in Uganda

47. A Bahamas breakfast

48. Breakfast in Costa Rica

49. Breakfast in the Dominican Republic

50. A Turkish breakfast

Source: hostelbookers
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Anonymous said...

#4 - Looks nice, but I live in Poland and I never ate such one nor anybody I know, so don't trust things you read or see on the web :)

Anonymous said...

In portugal breakfast is kind of like that...

Anonymous said...

Well, and the german breakfast... in germany we do not eat only sausage, bread and cheese...
But everybody knows that germans love sausages, so it has to be this kind of breakfast :-)

tonyx# said...

what about an Israeli breakfast? (the hotel always had hotcakes and generic buffet stuff when I was there lol)

México is accurately portrayed by Chilaquiles.. I just ate that actually.

There has got to be something better than vegemite for Australians... nutella?

But the English breakfast really caught my attention. now I'm going to go buy the ingredients and when I try to make it tomorrow it's gonna look nothing like that and I will be disappointed.. oh well...

Anonymous said...

Hungarian breakfast is szalonna, not bread!

Victoria said...

If you want to see the original post I compiled and wrote which has text describing the pictures see the HostelBookers blog at or click this link

I've been plagiarised!

Damn Cool Pics said...

Thanks for the great post Victoria. I have already given your site credit by linking back to your site in the Source at the end of the post.

La proyect said...

well, I only can say that in Mexico we do have "chilaquiles con huevo" for breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you get those on some 5 star hotels

*elisa* said...

Italian breakfast doesn't include french croissants :)
biscuits and "caffè-latte" are far more typical :)

Ugur Deniz Albayram said...

They all look awesome(i just finished my exercise i am hungry like a lion)but also want to point something:Turkish breakfast at the 50th picture is totally differs from what we eat in Turkey that is just a quickie for us.Traditional and rich Turkish breakfast is large enough to get in a frame sized about 20000x5000 at least i am not exaggerating, have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Damn NOT Cool Rip-Offs.

Reveal said...

Malaysian breakfast is not that noodle it is call NASI LEMAK. The ingredients is RICE cook with coconut milk, on the plate, we mix the rice with deep fried groundnuts, chili paste...just google NASI LEMAK then you would now it...

Anonymous said...

Where are those delicious "churros con chocolate" in the spanish breakfast??? :P niam niam!

uday khopkar said...

Every country has a selection of breakfast spreads. To typify it as an Indian or Polish or German may be inaccurate to say the least. There are atleast 10-15 different types of "Indian" breakfasts I can think of!

Anonymous said...

I'm from Hawaii and can say that the only thing on that plate from Hawwaii is the papaya which is also not native to Hawaii. Bagels are not Hawaiian.

Anonymous said...

Swedes don't eat those pancakes for BREAKFAST. Lunch maybe.

Anonymous said...

Cleaned rice, the miso soup, natto, and the bean curd are typical Japan breakfasts.
However, the person who doesn't have time to eat breakfast eats bread and cereal.

GauravShorey said...

Hahahahaha. That is not an "Indian" breakfast. In fact, using the term "Indian" breakfast is inaccurate in itself. The food types in India change almost every 100 kilometers, due to variations in soil types and climate zones. And bread is not eaten everywhere.
So I could say punjabi breakfast, or bihari breakfast or tamilian breakfast, or Keralite breakfast or mahar ashtrian breakfast, but Indian breakfast?! Nah!!

Ksenia said...

Very interesting article! Local cuisine speaks so much about the culture and traditions of a country. And, surprisingly, I would say "yes" to the majority of these dishes. Well, may be there would several "no" to fish, as fish in the morning for me is quite weird...
I also recently stumbled upon some inspiring photos of international breakfasts. Not as exotic as these, but also yummy!