Thursday, October 27, 2011

Celebrities Join Occupy Wall Street Protests

At Occupy Wall Street, the celebrities just keep on coming to show their support. Earlier we saw a photo of Gossip Girl actor Penn Badgley participating in the Occupy Wall Street protest going on in NYC. Kanye West is the latest musician to join the protest at Occupy Wall Street. He was spotted at the protest in Zucotti Park. Russell Simmons, a familar face at Occupy Wall Street, guided Kanye through the protest.

Katy Perry

Naomi Wolf

Don King

Talib Kweli

Susan Sarandon

Mike Myers

Tim Robbins

Rachel McAdams

Kanye West

Al Sharpton

Justine Bateman

Michael Moore

Russell Simmons

Cornel West

Alec Baldwin

Mark Ruffalo

Jeffrey Ross

Penn Badgley

Russell Brand

Tom Morello

Lupe Fiasco

Rufus Wainwright

Sean Lennon

Danny Glover

Pete Seeger

Roseanne Barr


Jeff Mangum

98 Degrees' Justin Jeffre

Deepak Chopra

Perry Farrell

Source: buzzfeed
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Danielle said...

I think you mean "Celebrities Join...". Also, the Monopoly guy's name is Rich Uncle Pennybags (or Frank Moneybags or Mr. Monopoly), not "Banksy".

Anonymous said...

Banksy is the artist.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the list. Now I know which celebrities I can boycott. They have plenty of money and don't need mine. Maybe they should send me some of theirs to kick of the socialistic redristubion of wealth that OWS seems to want. What a bunch of hypocrites...just looking for free publicity.

Indonesian Clown said...

Interesting protest by artists

Anonymous said...

I agree with bunch of hypocrites.Are they not considered to be part of the 1 % club.

raistlin81 said...

What does hollywood have to do with the protests, I for one am tired of people acting stupid to make a point.

raistlin81 said...

If there is any proof linking hollywood actors and the NFL to the mortgage crisis, the economic collapse, corporations as people, trickle down economics, buying politicians, laying off workers, moving industries to china, using bailout money to give themselves bonuses, increasing nominal charges, losing millions of people their 401k savings, their jobs and using corporate loopholes to avoid paying taxes on billions of profits we would love to hear it.

In the meantime anyone using this argument must lack any common sense.

raistlin81 said...

Who said they want your money? Get over yourself, they are concerned about people other than themselves obviosly.

Rush limbaugh says the same idiotic nonsense and we know he isn't stupid, just a liar.

Ayla said...

raistlin81, thank you for having any lick of sense in their head. Anon, Yeah, they're the 1%. But last I checked, there's no rule stating they're not allowed to side with the 99%. I've seen a few photos coming out of the Occupy protest in which other people who are extremely well off but not famous are joining the cause as well. This isn't just the poor man's problem, this is the nations problem. Last I checked, they were all born in this country (or in one case, a duel citizen/resident by marriage).

I'm sorry, but your ignorance is painful to read.