Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Trends 2011 [Infographic]

Halloween is the most favored holiday by AgencyNetters. Every year we have a pretty epic Halloween party full of creative costumes, candy and of course plenty of palatable potions. This year, it’s sure to be better than ever. Halloween Trends for 2011. Enjoy!

Source: anidea
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Salma Noreen said...

Nice Collection

Anuj Mathur said...

Great, Halloween Trends 2011 :)

top infographics said...

According to a study conducted from October 1 to October 24 by web analytics and software solutions provider Webtrends, the zombie costumes dominated this year’s classic Halloween costumes category where as 63% geeks opted for Steve Jobs related costumes. The result of the whole study has been released in form of an infographics posters. The collected sample of data for the study consisted of online mentions of Halloween costumes on various blogs, news portals and major social media sites such as Twitter from the period of Oct 1-24, 2011.