Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Hollywood Vampires Everywhere

First it was Nicolas Cage who was exposed as a centuries old vampire and then it was John Travolta. A perusal of old Civil War photos has revealed even more vampires who all work in Hollywood – Paul Newman, Matthew McConaughey, Jerry O’Connell, Gene Hackman, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and Jeremy Renner. Coincidence? Probably not. Vampires love show business.

Source: buzzaurus
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Daniel Mihai Popescu said...

Paul Newman could be a vampire, but that picture isn't him, :).
Cage, McConaughey and Travolta, are from that era, :).

Vampire Slayer said...

Hahahahaah these are amazing. Great job on finding the lookalikes. Such a good job, I think I would have believed it, if not for the fact that I remember Joseph Gordon Levitt as a kid from 3rd rock from the sun.