Friday, November 11, 2011

Canvas Hotel in Norway

If in Norway, Nissedal i Telemark, be sure to stay at the Canvas hotel. If you like mountain biking, outdoor baths and stunning scenery this is the place for you!

Canvas Hotel consists of 10 Mongolian yurts that form a yard around a kitchen and dining area. Each yurt is equipped with a wood-burning stove, sleeping place and bathtub.

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Novelty Pens said...

Well they do look romantic. And they appear to be well furnished and the wood burning stoves are great. But overall, they do seem like glorified tents on stilts.

Jan T said...

Hi. Thanks for mentioning Canvas Hotel and linking to our web site. The Hotel can be romantic or sporty depending on the guest. Yes the Yurts are tents from Tibet witth wooden flor and thick wool wals, and extremely exclusive beds. Very refreshing. Se you there.