Thursday, November 03, 2011

Mangyongdae: The Happiest Place in North Korea

This fairly depressing photo series of Manyongdae Funfair, North Korea’s version of the Happiest Place On Earth, has just been released. The amusement park, located a few kilometres north of Pyongyang, is the last theme park in the dictatorship, which isn’t totally surprising given the dilapidated and dangerous rides on display.

The best thing about this is that the Mangyongdae park tests its attractions on local farmers before allowing foreign visitors to try them out. When they do get foreign visitors, said foreigners have to call a couple of days in advance so park authorities can bus locals in and make the place look busy.

Source: kuriositas
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Anonymous said...

At least the lines are short!

Braden Lynch said...

Hey, those nuclear weapons are very expensive to build. So much so that, the feeding of citizens is an issue.

You know if the socialists, Marxists and communists, just try to do it a little bit harder, they will finally get it right to have their so-called "workers paradise" for all to enjoy. Not! People who support these evil political systems are disgusting.

Anonymous said...

North Korea is a dictatorship moron! Socialists and communists by textbook definition are not dictators.

Anonymous said...

Those textbooks were written by Communist and Socialist dictators of course!

Rauðbjorn said...

I really think the last image says it all:

Small unhappy korean girl on a fake pony.

Anonymous said...

RE: North Korea is a dictatorship moron!

North Korea is a People's Republic, not a dictatorship!

Socialism and communism cannot be anything other than dictatorships through the rule of the proletariat. That is the problem with socialism and communism. They always, always, always are dictatorships, totalitarian statist entities that don't respect individual rights. Note that I did not write "human rights", as envisioned by the UN, but "individual rights" as understood by the authors of the US Constitution.