Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rebecca Black Comes Back with "Person of Interest"

Following her latest hit My Moment, the 14-year-old Friday singer as released the music video of her latest single, Person of Interest. It is her third single and believed to be a part of her upcoming album which she claims to be out some time in November.

The song is about a girl that have a crush on a guy, but hasn’t fell in love yet. On the clip, Rebecca Black sings to a Justin Bieber look-a-like whom she described as her Person of Interest, watch below!

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Tha said...

God make it stop... Why does she keep making these horrific music videos? This girl has zero talent. Just stop it!!!

Anonymous said...

I remeber how it went, teen girls high on hormones from broken families jump on the first boys that look like a escape route to them, but it never works out because confusion doesnt solve confusion and it doesnt feel good after it starts to cause damage, the parents are in need of being held responsible for this problem that engulfs the youth because the teens are abandoned and learn to be selfish from their parents who dont give real love which should be guidance and knowledge of proper and safe development to secure their future. Hold the parents accountable and remind them to be attentive and learn what to teach their children the rest of their lives. Some parents forget that they are responsible for having sex and creating the kids so the kids go out and have irresponsible sex like their parents did. If the teens subconsciously see that their parents dont respect the product of their sex (the product are the children, and respecting it is being a loving leader) then the kids wont learn that subject in a healthy light from them.