Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Taekwondo Shuffle in Korea

You think America has all the best moves? Think again. In Korea, they can be just as hip and can really put on a show. You can tell the crowd is really get into the performance, especially with the music that really gets everyone pumped up. The people in this show dance, perform Karate moves, and even break some wood with a Karate chop and a kick. Not bad.

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Anonymous said...

wow! this is a hell better than our dance moves, and im american and have been takin dance classes since i was 6 but i am no way even close to being able to dance like that thats awesome

Joe said...

Although I have mixed feelings about the board breaking, the flipping and spinning are pretty nice. :)

Anonymous said...

Cool taekwondo moves infused into the dance shuffle.. here's a trade secret kept by all taekwondo practitioners including myself... the plywood boards are very thin and are already sawed through so they are easier to break upon contact and impact... lol. but kudos to the accuracy and showmanship displayed by these kids!