Tuesday, November 29, 2011

UFO Treehouse Hotel In Sweden

Located near the Swedish village of Harads, this UFO Treehotel is one of a kind. So far there are five unique tree rooms available and twenty-four planned to be built. The five tree rooms that are currently available for booking are the Cabin, the Mirrorcube, the Bird's Nest, the Blue Cone and the UFO. It ain't cheap at $600 a night, but isolation, a luxury treehouse, and UFOs should never come cheap.

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   Uncategorized said...

That's really one of a kind..:D I love to go there!

Deena Ashton said...

Amazing! So cool and unique. I would love to go there and experience it myself. But I hope they are using ladder brackets for safety because those ladders looks scary!

Quinn Wallington said...

That's pretty cool. Yeah, I guess it would be fun to stay at a one of a kind hotel. That's literally out of this world experience.