Friday, December 02, 2011

AT-ST Treehouse

Ever wonder what it would be like to pilot a AT-ST Walker in the Battle for Endor from ‘Star Wars: Episode VI — Return of the Jedi’? Well, the intrepid ‘Star Wars’ fans who built this treehouse replica of a AT-ST get to pretend to blast pesky Ewoks in their own backyard. While it could use a grey paint job, this is still one of the coolest treehouses we’ve ever seen.

Source: reddit
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Mark Megson said...

Wow there are some lucky kids out there, best tree house ever. This is even better than the AT-AT dog.

Grace Lopez said...

Oh, my son would absolutely love this! He's been bugging us for a week now about building a tree house in our backyard. We were actually planning on it and we are going to surprise him. That's why we're looking for cool ideas and design. Also we need to make sure the foundation is gonna be strong and we have ladder safety devices.

Bridgette Cayman said...

Who doesn't love a tree house? I think every kid hoped for one in their backyard. That's why I specifically asked our contractors to create one for my kids.