Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How Safe is Pepper Spray? [infographic]

pepper spray has become the crowd control method of choice for lawmen around the world – even when the crowd is not out of control. We’ve recently seen it used against non-violent protesters on the University of California, Davis campus, and against non-violent Occupy Wall Street protesters. Just how dangerous is pepper spray? It can kill you.

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Source: onlinecriminaljusticedegree
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Anonymous said...

Okay what? Protesters biggest argument is that "nearly" 70 people have died from pepper spray in the past 22 years?

I'm sorry but 3 a year is a pretty pathetic argument, and that's ignoring the "nearly" which means it's probably closer to 20 or something.

Actually doing a bit of research, there are over 14 times more deaths per year (43) in the U.S. from hot tap water. (CDC.GOV 2006)

I'd welcome the pepper spray.