Monday, February 27, 2012

25 Rare Flavors of Pepsi Around the World

When we think of a refreshing flavor of beverage, one of the first things that comes to our minds is PEPSI. But not in these flavors that’s for sure. We found a list of 30 other Pepsi flavors available around the world and they're strange. There's ice cream flavored Pepsi in Russia, apple-flavored Pepsi in Poland,hot cinnamon and cool mint flavors in places like Guam and Thailand, and cucumber-flavored and strawberry milk-flavored in Japan.

Ice Cream (Russia)

Pepsi Cappuccino (Russia and Romania)

Pepsi Summer Chill - Apple Soda (Poland)

Pepsi Twist Mojito (Italy)

Pepsi Vanilla (Canada, US)

Pepsi Gold - White Sapote Flavor (Japan, Germany, Finland and Central Europe)

Fire (Hot Cinnamon) and Ice (Cool Mint) Pepsi (Guam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines)

Pepsi Jazz (USA)

Pepsi White - Yogurt Flavored (Japan)

Azuki Sweet Bean Pepsi (Japan)

Pepsi Blue Hawaii - Pineapple Lemon Flavored (Japan)

Pepsi Ice Cucumber

Pepsi Red - Spicy Ginger (Japan)

Pepsi Shiso (Japan)

Pepsi Mont Blanc - Based on a French Chestnut Dessert (Japan)

Pepsi Pink - Strawberry Milk Flavor (Japan)

Pepsi Holiday - Cinnamon (USA and Canada)

Pepsi Baobab - Monkey Bread Fruit Flavor (Japan)

Pepsi Samba - Mango and Tamarind (Australia)

Crystal Pepsi (USA, Canada, Australia and select parts of Europe)

Pepsi Boom Sugar (Germany, Italy and Spain)

Pepsi Strawberry Burst

Pepsi Tropical Chill

Pepsi Twist - Lemon and lime flavor (UK)

Pepsi Carnival - Tropical Fruit-flavor (Japan)
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Anonymous said...

In Romania we don't have Pepsi Cappuccino (the text itself on the can is in Turkish), but we do have Pepsi Twist.

Anonymous said...

They forgot to mention Pepsi blue. a Berry flavored pepsi sold in the US 2002-2004

Anonymous said...

Can you send me some of these pepsi products you have in Rome? I haven't heard of them before and would like to try them. I'll pay for it.

Unknown said...

Lol they "forgot" it because it was the worst drink EVERY created.

Anonymous said...

god bless Romania for having Pepsi Twist, by the way Paul staggs, pepsi Blue was not the worst drink ever of Pepsico, the flavour was good, i liked it alot. Maybe you confused with Crystal Pepsi now that was true shit